5 tips to sell your boat at best price

Top 5 tips for selling your boat :
Tip 1: Stow your boat. It is always easier for visitors to project themselves into an environment devoid of owners personal property items. Empty the cumbersome things, your boat will look more spacious when you have removed all unnecessary items. Empty cupboards, shim, footing, padding, cabinets, lockers and power cord at dock.
Tip 2:
Clean your boat. If your boat is flawless, visitors will conclude that you have taken care of your boat and that all systems have been well maintained. Give your boat the appearance of a new boat.
Tip 3:
Sell ​​at the right time. In order to get the best price, avoid selling during the cold season. Following the law of supply and demand,  future buyers are more likely to increase at the beginning of the summer season. Soliciting them at this time allows you to sell at the right price and reduce the marketing costs you would spend during the winter.
Tip 4:
Sell ​​at the right price. Study the competition and remember that you are not alone in the game. Search the web, look for similar boat of yours and set a price in line with the market. List the features that will appeal to your potential buyers and set a competitive price.
Tip 5:
Trust a professional. A broker will be able to highlight the assets of your boat sought by future buyers. An expert will be able to reassures visitors and answers their questions. Entrusting your boat to a broker to do the "dirty work" will cost you between 8% to 10% commission in return for which you will save valuable time and marketing costs.
Good sale!